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Choosing the Right Philadelphia Roommate

Since the roommate you choose to live with for the next six or twelve months (or more) is going to have a huge impact on your life, then it is important for you to pick the right roommate or room for rent. There are some things that will either click right away or not. Do you hit it off together immediately? I takes ten
minutes for you to know if the roommate or roommates like each other. Keep in mind, though, that at the
first or second meeting, everyone is putting on their best face. Your instinct will tell you almost immediately whether you will be compatible personality wise. That, however, can be a false impression at times and even
if it is a true result, there are so many things that go beyond, "yup, I like this person". Work schedules? Early to bed or late to bed? Party animal? Not? These are EASY. You MUST go BEYOND the easy:

A. Does the prospective roommate share your definition of cleanliness? Having a different point of view of what SANITARY is can test the limits of your SANITY and your roommates, as well.

B. How exactly does the roomy define what LOUD is?
There are numerous levels of volume that can sound perfect for one room mate, but sound like fingernails
on a blackboard to the other roommates.

C. Who exactly IS this potential roommate? If you think that after one or two meetings you will know each other inside and out, you are way out in left field about that. The more time you can spend together
"pre-home sharing" will help make your roomate decision a "hit" instead of a "miss".

Do they have excellent references? You MUST meet their friends. As many as possible.

You MUST meet their significant other, if one exists.

You MUST have ground rules. Overnight visitors yes or no? is this OK for both of you?

What is their definition of RENT PAID ON TIME?

What is their credit score?

What part of the home/apartment is to be shared and what rooms are not?

Please grab a note pad and write down anything and everything you can think of that might make this space share work or not work. If you are looking at these suggestions and saying, "of course I would do all of this". Great!! Don't, however, be timid about this. If you have questions, but you are embarrassed to ask, you just might be heading for a disaster. Life is difficult as it is. A wrong decision about who you are going to live with, however, can make it much more so. We hope that you meet your perfect roommate. Best of luck.


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