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Here are some extremely valuable actions you can perform before
choosing a roommate. Whether you are looking to find a place
to live or have a room for rent in your home:

1. Decide what your motivations are:

a. You hate living alone?
b. You need to share the cost with someone?
c. You dont drive so you need help shopping and doing errands?

Everyone has their own unique reason. Once your
motives are clear - then you move on to the business
of choosing someone who matches your needs.
You must make sure that both of you or all of you have
similar living habits.

a. A safe and reliable person.
b. Shares your idea of cleanliness.
c. Prefers partying or peace and quiet.
d. And many other criteria.

Take a legal pad and list all of your likes and all of your dislikes.

Listen to that feeling in your gut that says:



a. The very best way is to find someone who is
personally recommended by a friend, relative
or business associate.
b. If not, then before you agree to share living space
with anyone - you need to do some serious homework.
c. No matter how nice the person seems, it is absolutely necessary
to learn all about their history. You should

a. Check out their references carefully.
b. Do a background check. It is definitely worth the expense.
c. Ask to see their credit report.

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